Life’s too short for mediocre ejuice. So when Danny and Matt sat down tossing ideas back and forth about a brand new eliquid line, they wanted their passions to come through in the juice. What passions you may ask? Same question they asked, coincedentally. These two entrepreneurs wanted a lifestyle brand that represented their passion for people in general, helping others, traveling, and above all else—living life to the fullest.
As a result of their mindmeld, Cakeline was born. And it has absolutely no relation to their passions. (Truth be told, they’re actually both pie kind of guys. But “Pieline” just sounds weird to say.)
What’s that? You wonder how this story relates to vaping? It doesn’t. But it’s a good story, right? Ok, fine. It’s just an “ok” story. But it’s their story. And because you’ve read it, it’s yours now too.
Welcome to the Cakeline family. Home of some of the finest quality, best tasting juice there is.